Like Halo, But Don’t Own An Xbox 360?

Like Halo, But Don’t Own An Xbox 360?

halo-xbox-360-bundleYeah, we know. It doesn’t make sense to us either. But if you fit the bill then Microsoft has got a console bundle for you.

For a limited time and only at participating retailers, Microsoft is offering a Halo bundle that includes:

* Xbox 360 Pro console with 60GB hard drive * A copy of Halo 3 * A copy of Halo Wars

It’s going for $449, which is $50 over the regular RRP. Although, as noted yesterday, you can get all the above – plus Mortal Kombat vs DC – at GAmetraders for the same price.

Anyone seen any better 360 deals?


  • What are they thinking… Halo 3 is one of the most traded games, and the user base still playing the game still also OWN it.
    Its like that report on Reach being the last Halo game, you know it doesnt make any sense and only means anything to a group of people already decided.

  • I’ve heard that this will be at GAME with gears of war 2 collectors, with a play & charge as well for about $499. I think they had another bundle with a different game as well for the same price.

  • Elite?
    New SKU?

    I want a Jasper so badly, but want an Elite!

    Looks like i’m gonna have to wait for their next new motherboard if they do release it this year on most likely a new Elite type SKU.

    This is sucking so much. Just tell us what you’re doing with the Elites Microsoft!!!!

  • @MaXX: the reports were that Reach will be the last Halo game by *Bungie*. They’re moving on to something new. It would be suicidal for MS to stop making new Halo games, the franchise basically keeps their games division afloat.

    • Besides Gears which they publish!

      But yeah, Rare does nothing for them these days. And since closing Ensemble which was probably one of those worst things to happen in gaming. Whoever issued that is effing stupid.

      I’m sure Bungie will return to Halo but i and they do need a break from it all. Something new please!!!

      I just hope MS have even more brains, by sticking with Halo but waiting for Bungie to come back to it if they will in a few years.

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