Lionhead's World History Update: Lincoln's Face

Let's recap the Lionhead homepage countdown. First, Che Guevara next to a six; then Maximillian Robespierre, leader of the Reign of Terror, next to a five. Today, it's Abraham Lincoln, brought to you by the number four.

OK, this very definitely is about a Gamescom announcement, but the choice of historical figures is quite intriguing. Guevara and Robespierre are men of considerable controversy. Lincoln was also controversial for his time (well, it was a civil war), but he is remembered in a much better light than the other two. I mean, the guy's on money. End of argument.

Honest Abe's quote is about revolution and reinforces that theme. Any clues on what we're dealing with other than yet another homepage countdown?

Lionhead Studios [site]


    Sounds like a new franchise from lionhead. I always appreciate a well known company creating a new IP. Will be eagerly waiting the revelation :)

    And now its Aristotle...

    "He who is a Good Ruler, must first be Ruled"

    Perhaps a Civilization-esque Game? Intriguing to say the least.

    next up is Albert Hoffman and 3

    Wouldn't be a new Fable would it? Some theme about challenging authority and standing up for what you believe is right? I could do with some more Fable action, but I'd like to see them take on a new IP.

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