Looking Back: Our Verdicts On PS3 Slim Rumours

Over the past several months, we have reported a number of PS3 Slim rumours. The PlayStation 3 Slim generated more rumours than any other product in recent memory, dating back to the first one we reported in February of 2008.

So what was true and what was false? Check out what happened when we played judge, jury and executioner with these rumours.

Is the PS3 Slim real, and will we get a price drop? The rumour: Several sources over the past few months have been claiming that a new, slimmer PS3 would come out, and that it would be cheaper. Our verdict: Confirmed. Sony announced the PS3 Slim and a price drop to $US299 during their press conference at Gamescom yesterday. The price drop is immediate, and the new model will come in September.

Are original PS3 console supplies drying up worldwide? The rumour: Stores around the world have been reporting a lack of original PS3 units with no new shipments in sight. Our verdict: Confirmed. This was to make room for the new PS3 slim units shipping next month.

Would the PS3 Slim be ready by July? The rumour: Taiwanese site UDN stated that Sony had contracts with two companies to produce the PS3 slim, and that it would be ready by July. Our verdict:Likely correct. While the PS3 Slim isn't being released to the public until September, in order to have units ready to ship to media outlets, the systems surely needed to be ready by July.

Were those first pictures of the PS3 casing and box real? The rumour: In May, pictures of a redesigned PS3 started popping up on message boards in China. They appeared to be from a production plant. Our verdict: They were real. After posting the pictures, we received a cease-and-desist order from a Taiwanese law firm. Sony never commented. The pictures are very similar (if not identical to) the images released by Sony during Gamescom. The unboxing we posted seems shows the same box, as well.

Was that a real PS3 Slim being sold in the video of the Filipino marketplace? The rumour: A marketplace in the Philippines was selling a PS3 Slim back in July. Our verdict: Iffy. While the console in the video closely resembles the one Sony revealed (down to having no card reader, two USB ports, and a new logo), we cannot determine whether or not it was a counterfeit.

Does the PS3 Slim have backwards compatibility? The rumour: Only a few early models of the PS3 had the ability to play PS2 games, and many hoped that the PS3 Slim would bring that back. Our verdict: False. SCEA director of marketing John Koller told us that customers were focusing on their PlayStation 3 systems, and that backwards compatibility would not be reintroduced.

Is there a 250GB PS3 Slim As Well? The rumour: FCC reports include a 250GB model of the PS3's slimmer model. Nothing has been announced about it, but it might be coming. Our verdict: Possible. The FCC's documents have provided valuable insight into the future of hardware before.


    Is it just me or did the hugeness of the old model grow on me slowly. I just can't imagine a slim version, I would mis the big guy.

      Haha yeah I know what you mean, its kinda got that grouchy old grandpa appeal.

      I never got a ps1 'one' thing or a slim ps2 either, just got these three clunky old giant consoles here and that's the way I likes it.

      Should get them some lap blankets and beige tube socks.

    Yeah same, the slim model appears to have really lost the 'WOW!' factor of the original model. No more shiny cover, no more touch buttons...

    I'm glad I got the 'phat' PS3 :-) Being able to stand it up without having to buy another peripheral is also nice.

    But hey, they have to make it cheaper somehow.

    If PS3's had backwards compat I would buy one straight away, but since they don't, I wont.

      Once you start playing the games on a ps3, you won't even think about backwards compatability.

        It's mainly for games like Psychonauts, GTA III, God of War etc...the games which are just hellva lot of fun and are worth going back to every now and then.

        Mind you, I doubt I'll be the only person who'll KEEP their PS2 when they get a PS3, so there's no real issue for me there...

        ....What? So just because the PS3's "almighty PS3 exclusives" (which actually aren't because they're absolute shit compared to the 360's exclusives, I'm no console fanboy in any way, but I know the games I want to play!)

        Backwards compatibility should be a STANDARD in any next-gen system. It's NOT about the graphics or whatever of the PS2/PS1 games. They're CLASSIC games that NO ONE should be giving up. I have Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy XII, Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 2 and -intended- on purchasing a PS3 Slim, but screw Sony if they're not going to supply something that should -already be in the system-.

        I sold my PS2 Slim and about 3-4 PS2 games to cut back and keep my absolute favorites for the step up, but this lack of compatible games is an huge deal-breaker for me. There's no way in hell I should have to own a PS2 AND a PS3 just to enjoy my games. The PS2 had PS1 compatibility, there's no reason at all why PS3 shouldn't have BOTH compatible! People want to enjoy their whole games collection, PS3 fanboys praising Sony from the mountain-top because supposedly PS3 games will make you never return to the older games.. Bullshit.

        As I said, the PS3 has bugger all exclusive games worth gushing over (really, I've looked through -all- of them..) Besides, the Achievements system seems to be miles ahead of the Trophies. The trophies aren't exactly "important" or give you any real drive to get them.

        Sony, listen to your -LOYAL- fans who still have/play their favourite PS2 & PS1 games and will GLADLY purchase a PS3 if we can enjoy those games as well as the PS3 games on the one console! There's NO REASON to have two consoles!

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