LunchTimeWaster: BoxGame

LunchTimeWaster: BoxGame

boxgame-picLooking a bit like PSN puzzler Echochrome, BoxGame will bend your mind in similar directions.

Each level is a cube constructed of platforms around a cental core. Your avatar must get from its starting position to the exit door. You can walk left and right, jump and run.

You can also spin the cube around with the mouse. Gravity comes into play in that you can’t fall off the cube, you’ll only be able to fall around it… if you know what I mean. The puzzle solutions stem from being able to work out how to best utilise the rotation of the cube in concert with this gravitational effect.

Can you beat all 15 levels this lunchtime?

BoxGame [Sophie Houlden]


  • I ragequit the game after accidentally exiting after I got the key on the 13th level. Wasn’t too hard I’m just impatient.

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