LunchTimeWaster: Cube Colossus

cube-colossus-picIt goes "Pew!" and, indeed, "Pew! Pew!"

Cube Colossus presents a fairly standard arena shooter but switches things up with a novel control scheme. The mouse moves your ship. See the blue arrow in the screenshot? That's your mouse pointer. Move it around and your ship follows it, so there's a little bit of lag as it trails along behind.

You use WASD to target the enemies, initialising a lock-on and allowing you to mash the left mouse button to fire.

There's also a whole anime-influenced story, told through conversational cut-scenes... but yeah, don't worry about that, there's more than enough pew-pew-pewing to keep you going.

Cube Colossus [Newgrounds]


    That's weird...I stumled across this game yesterday and have been playing it during my breaks at work quite a bit...coincidence much?

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