LunchTimeWaster: Destroy Earth Now

LunchTimeWaster: Destroy Earth Now

destroy-earth-now-picIn the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, the Vogons enjoyed destroying entire planets. In Destroy Earth Now, you get to be the Vogons.

It plays like Snake, with your ship moving around a grid at a consistent speed. You collect torpedoes and then shoot the planets, all while avoiding various bits of debris.

What makes it really work is all the little comedic interludes that feel genuinely straight out of Douglas Adams’ books. Just remember, if it all gets too much… don’t panic.


Destroy Earth Now [Vogon Training]


  • The tea break stopping play midgame by running across the screen was a little annoying – I can understand a forced break but not 10 sec into a round.Some of the colours of the backgrounds makes seeing the astroids hard – and when you die the amount of keys you need to press for the unauthorised destruction forms was an amusing touch, but in small doses! – It was somewhat amusing 😛

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