LunchTimeWaster: Knightfall 2

LunchTimeWaster: Knightfall 2

knightfall-picHere’s a clever puzzle game that injects some RPG depth in a fashion similar to Puzzle Quest.

It isn’t a match-3 puzzle game though. You click on groups of coloured blocks to remove them from the board and clear the way for your knight to move around. You see, you don’t control him directly; his movement relies on gravity playing its part when you remove some blocks.

In the screenshot above, for example, that’s my knight in the centre. If I removed the two green blocks just below him, he would “fall” to where the left block used to be. Or, if I rotated the board anticlockwise and then removed the group of four green blocks that would then be under him, he would “fall” down two spaces.

Through removing blocks (which cost action points) and rotating the board, you guide him to kill the various monsters, collect treasure, find the key and escape through the level’s gate. In between levels there’s a world map to explore, with quests, boss monsters and plenty of shops to upgrade your gear.

If it doesn’t make sense, just play the tutorial first. It’s really quite simple to get to grips with. Just a hint though: you can remove blocks anywhere on the board, not just those immediately below the knight.

Oh, and creatures and items are just as affected by gravity as your knight…

Knightfall 2 [Armor Games]

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