LunchTimeWaster: Tetris Friends

tetris-friends-picYou may very well think you've played enough Tetris. But have you played it with friends?

OK, sure, the answer's probably yes, as pretty much every new console port of Tetris has a multiplayer option. But are you able to play that version right now during your lunch hour?

I didn't think so.

So play this one. There's a bunch of modes, including a 6-player battle (pictured) that I totally won at my first attempt and a port of the original black-and-white Game Boy version.

Tetris Friends [official site]


    i thought i sucked at tetris... but i just places 1st 8 games in a row... and thats out of 8! w00t!

    Looks pretty, but I think I'll stick to TetriNet

    I see the tetris part of it, but where's the friends part? I don't even know if I'm playing against real humans here. =/



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