LunchTimeWaster: The Competitor

the-competitor-picAlthough hardly a fully-fledged game, this inverted shmup is worth checking out for its novel concept alone.

The Competitor flips the traditional shmup on its head, pitting a lone AI-controlled fighter against your endless waves of enemies. You can select from up to eight types of enemy units, each with their own characteristics across attack, defence, speed and cost. You then draw each attack pattern onto the play area; squiggle a figure eight and the next wave of enemies will swoop down a perform a figure eight whilst firing at the enemy hero.

It's interesting, if not exactly successful in its execution. It feels too random and it's not clear why you'd want to draw elaborate wave patterns outisde of sheer experimentation and aesthetic pleasure.

But still, worth looking at.

The Competitor [Armor Games]


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