LunchTimeWaster: The Heist 2

the-heist-2-picWhat do you mean you haven’t just been hanging out for a top-down version of Driver?

The Heist sees you simultaneously managing a crime gang and being their getaway driver. Before each job you can hire gang members, each with their own skills, and spend money to upgrade your car’s performance. You wait while your gang goes in and then high-tail it out of there once they’re back in the car, weaving through traffic and shaking the cops.

What’s neat is how the skills of your gang affect the job. Hire muscle and you’ll have a safer time getting out of there. Hire a con artist and you might not attract as much attention during the job. Hire a safe cracker and you’ll make off with more cash.

The game tracks your “Road to 5 Million”. How far can you get during your lunch break?

The Heist 2 [Johnny Two Shoes]


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