LunchTimeWaster: Turn-Based Battle

This flash-game parody of JRPGs perfectly nails every device, trope, conceit and theme of the genre. Hang in there - even if the odds seem ridiculous, someone shows up to give you 200 gold to buy the JRPG sword.

At which point you face even more stupid-ridiculous odds, and the game becomes either a snide commentary on the JRPG formula, or a subtle hint that it's really all about resource allocation.

I made it to the level with three Clthulu blobs and the Blobby Builder before saying the hell with it. Anyone else get further?

Turn Based Battle [Armor Games]


    It's worth finishing for the credits, as they are quite well done.

    Well I stuffed up the first game, second time finished it. Takes about 15 mins?

    hehe, credits were great.

    just buy the rpg sword when you get 200 gold, and maybe lightning when you get to the final boss.

    and heal yo guyz

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