LunchTimeWaster: Wonder Bounce

wonder-bounce-picI might need someone else to explain this one.

Because, frankly, I've no idea what's going on.

You jump on the row of green guys at the bottom of the screen, which causes a gold orb to shoot up and hit the green guys at the top of the screen. If the green guys rach your "body", it's game over. But occasionally you'll kill enough green guys to warp to the next level.

There must be some subtlety I'm completely missing here. What is it?

Wonder Bounce [Kongregate]


    what the hell did i just play....

    Double-Yew, Tee, Eff.

    Fun though xD

    bounce.............. green........... bounce

    I managed 3157 points...

    Your body has a lifebar (top top left), and if a green guy (from the top pipe or bottom) hits it, it takes damage.

    Below that is a meter that charges as you kill green guys. Hold them off until the bar is full and you go to the next level. Game over if your body dies.

    Strangely, the levels seem to repeat after about the fourth level, but with different patterns of green guys. That game was... sort of interesting?

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