Man Sentenced To 2.5 Years Gaol, Fined $96,000 For DS Downloads

The Kyoto District Court has ruled against 38 year-old company employee Yoshiaki Asagiri, who was put on trial for distributing DS games online without permission and breaking Japanese copyright law.

Asagiri has been sentenced to 2-and-a-half years in prison and fined approximately US$21,000, plus an additional fine of $US75,000. Late last year, Asagiri was arrested for creating a website that made over 1,000 DS games available for download.

The judge who sentenced Asaigiri said his crime "tramples" the effort of the copyright holders who have spent tremendous time, effort and money in creating these games.

時事ドットコム:DSソフト違法配信の男に実刑=「著作権者の努力踏みにじる」−京都地裁 [jiji]


    Now I understand the principles of deterrents, but you cant help but feel for this guy.

    2 and a half years is an incredibly long time to be wasting away in prison. His retirement is ruined, just so the court can pretend that other pirates will be spooked.
    Quite unfortunate for this guy really.

      Japan has a pretty messed up court system.

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