Man Sets House On Fire Over Gundam

A 29-year-old factory worker has been arrested for burning down his house after an altercation with his mother over manga/anime/video game franchise Gundam.

Living outside Kobe, Japan, Yoshifumi Takabe is accused of dousing his room in kerosene and lighting it ablaze with a lighter after his mother disposed of his "precious" Gundam plastic model figurines. Takabe intended to kill himself, but ended up escaping without injury as did his 55-year-old mother.

The two-story, 2,700 square foot partially wood house was burned to the ground.

ガンプラ処分を悲観 自宅放火容疑で男逮捕 加西署 [The Kob Shimbun via 痛いニュース via ANN]


    That guy REALLY likes his Gundam. I do too, but I wouldn't destroy an entire house over it.

    Still; I wonder what reason the mother had to dispose of his expensive Gundam models.

      Gundam models are not expensive in Japan, they're like less than 5 dollars each.

        Obviously! Why else would he burn down his house if those Master Grade Gundams I assume he previously had were worth only 5 dollars each..

    Ummm, cause he was 29, still living at home... and his room was probably in a state. My mum always told me she would clean my room with a rubbish bag if i didn't do it properly. This is proof, always do what Mother tells you. ;-)

    Gundam Kits can cost a lot depends on how much work it done on it. For example modification and paint work on a MG Kit can take months to finish. While building gundams people tend to inhale smell on plastic glue, primer, paint, sandpaper dust, and paint thinner. This can make them high and some people can became violent from its effects. Being otaku is a tough life.

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