Mass Effect 2 Won't Be Late On PC*

Like previous 360 "exclusives", the PC port of Mass Effect came late. Real late. For Mass Effect 2, however, things may be different.

BioWare's Jesse Houston has told VG247 that both the 360 and PC versions of the sci-fi RPG will be shipping at the same time.

"This time round, doing it at the same time for a sim-ship, we can control the differences much more smoothly because it's the same team building it now", he said.

Because of this, differences between the two versions of the game should also be minimised, as it's now the same game appearing on two systems, not a port.

* - Of course, there are a lot of games that say they're coming out on PC at the same time as console, then are mysteriously delayed. We won't be holding our breath on this one.

Exclusive: VG247 talks Mass Effect 2 with associate producer Jesse Houston [VG247]


    I like how on the main page the thumbail is clipped to read 'Ass Fect' - a MUCH better name for the sequel...

    I for one, will be playing on console. So it wouldn't bother me either way. But yes, wouldn't surprise me with a PC Delay. I mean this game is mainly been developed for consoles in mind.

    If a delay occurs, would totally understand.

    That's good to hear, I'm getting really really sick of this 'timed exclusive' bullshit. Oh WOW, your platform gets the game for a couple months before mine, that must mean you get ALL the sales.

    I couldn't stand playing a Bioware RPG on console, so even if it is delayed i'll wait out the PC version

    It'll ship when it ships. Game development is part engineering, part art, part craft. There's simply no way you can schedule for bugfixes or design problems or optimisation headaches.

    What we don't want is the situation where games are GUARANTEED to ship on specific dates. That path leads to all those bullcrap movie and tie-in games (like the Harry Potter ones) that all get released on the exact same day, for everything from the DS to the 360. There's no system in the world that can ensure that such timed games can be of high quality for each platform.

    Despite their base similarities, developing for the the PC is different from the 360, requiring different input/display and many different technologies. The base source tree may require a flip of a switch to compile for each platform, but that is an entirely different thing from getting each platform to work smoothly and properly for the needs of that platform.

    I can understand that PC gamers may get a bit miffed if their game is late. But, as they keep on telling people, they also get MORE with their games, in terms of resolution, server/networking features, add-ons, etc.

    It's better to wait, and get a good product, than get a game on time without the polish.

    Mass Effect 1 felt (mostly) like a PC game. If it is the choice between having it released at the same time and having it feel like a port or have it delayed a few months so that it feels like a PC game, I know what I would prefer (hint: ports suck).

    "There’s simply no way you can schedule for bugfixes or design problems or optimisation headaches."

    I don't mind waiting for a game, but I do think they can and should be able to release a polished game on time. The devs should be using something like a GANTT chart and minimizing the scope creep of the project from the start imo.
    It's the producers of these games that sit on the developer's backs and force them to prematurely announce and release an unfinished game. So many franchises have been killed by bad planning and rushed releases.
    Give the devs enough time to make a great game and then you can churn out sequels!

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