Mass Effect Dress-Ups For Your 360 Avatar

I'm so torn on these premium avatar clothes! Part of me loves the idea of dressing the little guys up in official, in-game gear. A much bigger part of me abhors the fact Microsoft charge you for it.

Charging money to make your avatar a walking advertisement? Sigh.

Anyway, just in case that doesn't bother you - or you have some leftover MS Points lying around - Microsoft have today released some Mass Effect clothing options for the 360's avatars, ranging from Mass Effect-themed t-shirts right through to full suits of in-game armour.


    I hate the fact that the avatars are so effeminate. The avatar in Clone Tropper armor looks like it's going to start doing a model runway show any minute, it's ridiculous.

    I love the idea of Avatars, and don't find them effeminate.

    But, it'll be a frosty day in hell when I buy Avatar clothing or props. No way.

    Bah, I've been playing ME again lately, and I was hoping they were gonna do a suit of armour for when you pass it on Insanity or something.

    But I guess they'd rather make a buck or two off it.

    The thing that's bugging me is that all their heads look the same, so full body gear just turns my avatar from a rough sketch of me into a generic cartoon Clone Trooper/COG Soldier/Human Soldier.

    I was so excited when I saw Clone Trooper gear, but I can't really personalize it so I had to pass. =(

    I still think MS should make it so avatar/props are free for Gold subscribers.

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