Mass Effect's Pinnacle Station Is Online

Delivery was indeed imminent, as the new Pinnacle Station downloadable content for Mass Effect makes its way onto Xbox Live.

The Pinnacle Station DLC has had an interesting sort of announcement history, at one point teased as the announcement of an announcement that would never actually come. Well announcement be damned, the DLC is now live and available for purchase for 400 Microsoft points. Taking place on a top-secret Alliance space station, it features a number of arena-style battle exercises that should tack on a good 2-3 hours to the game.

Considering how long I played Mass Effect, that's a drop in the bucket, but it's certainly better than nothing at all.


    Is Mass Effect really suited to arena-style combat-focused DLC? I mean, the combat was really not that fantastic in the first game, and the fast-paced flow of constant enemies in an arena mode really opposes the most suited combat style in ME of slowly and strategically picking off enemies.

    BTW, I could be mistaken about what exactly the DLC is, but I am imagining something like the original Fable's Arena challenge mode....

      How awesome was Fable's Arena Challenge!
      Totally forgot about that!

    400 MSP. But the minimum purchase for Australian customers = 500MSP.

    Real cost: $AUD8.25

    PC release kthx.

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