Mega Man 9 Gets A Lot Harder With New DLC

A common complaint these days when it comes to downloadable content is that there's too much of it that makes a game easier to play/complete. Paying to cheat, basically. Paying to make the game harder, though, that's new.

A new piece of DLC has been released today for Mega Man 9 called "Superhero Mode". It only costs 80 MSP ($US1), and will make the game a lot harder to finish, as it ups the number of enemies you'll face on-screen at any one time. For those keeping score, this isn't the first time you've been able to increase the game's difficulty via DLC.

Didn't really think there was much of a market for people that wanted a Mega Man game to be harder, but just goes to show, when it comes to DLC, there's a market for pretty much anything.

Pay $1 to Make Mega Man 9 Harder [IGN]


    Valkyria Chronicles had a Hard Ex mode which basically upped the difficulty for campaign missions for the price of about AU$7. But admittedly most (such as wipeout, UT3) allowed players to achieve trophies easier in one way or another.

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