Microsoft Now Using LittleBigPlanet Music

When you think of PS3 exclusive, two things probably immediately jump to mind: that cute Sackboy character and that catchy tune.

That theme song wasn't written for the game. Dubbed "Get It Together," it's a instrumental pop tune by British band The Go! Team, but it has become linked with the game, just as George Baker's "Little Green Bag" is now forever associated with Reservoir Dogs.

The undeniable connection "Get It Together" has to LBP hasn't stopped Microsoft from using the tune in this recent ad.

Thanks, uiitimaweapon for the tip!


    The more Go Team the better. It was a great song on a great album before LBP appropriated it.

    They also cut and pasted the crap out of it.

    Even if this is legal, it's an arsehole move by M$, which is shame because (aside from Ballmer) they've been doing so well lately.

      Why on earth wouldn't it be legal? LBP does not own the song dude. Unless Microsoft didn't pay The Go! Team, then it wouldn't be legal.

      Don't act like Sony owns the song. It's a good song and its used well in the ad. I'm glad for the band as its getting more exposure and more money for their efforts.

      I'm glad.

    How would it not be legal. Like a songwriter would sell his tune to a game developer for a trailer. LOL.

    I havent heard the tune to now, so it doesnt sound familiar & it aint THAT great! Just sounds like a tune from a kids program or something.

    I also think that "Connect for FREE" should have a * next to FREE. The * meaning, but pay $80 for a 12 months of gaming =D Oh and did we mention, to get more songs & levels you need to purchase MS Points which are ridiculously expensive when we are brining advertising to the Xbox?

    No? We didn't.. Oh well just pretend we did then!

    (We'll also take away our top of the range SKU and not tell anyone or give a reason why! But thats cause we love you so much!)

      @ Jay -

      Shows how much you know buddy. Law student here knows of a little thing called royalties. That song plays on every copy of LBP in the world. So royalties would be raking in big bucks for any songwriter or band who got their song on the game.

    Stupid announcer, it's "Internet" not "Innernet".

    Yes, connect to the internet for free... doing anything on said internet, well thats a whole different ball game.

    lol I wonder what M$ were seriously thinking? They'll probably release a press statement next week saying, "we had no idea it was in LBP!" lol Yeah, okay.

    They stole the TV idea too. We did the aus version of this ad for Ford but heres the original.

    lol microsoft...

    Anyone get the sense Microsoft have been jealously eyeing LBP for a while now? I know I'll be jealously eyeing Natal if it turns out to be any good.

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