Microsoft Responds To Crazy Games On Demand Pricing

Microsoft's Games on Demand pricing isn't exactly consistent across this orbiting ball of dirt we all call home. What costs $US20 in one place costs $US40 (or sometimes more) in another. So we asked Microsoft, why the discrepancy?

Microsoft HQ said the pricing decisions outside the US were the responsibility of that particular territory. So, for example, if Mass Effect is priced at 6000 Microsoft Points in Australia (as opposed to only 1600 MSP in the US), then that's Xbox Australia's decision. That's fine. So we asked Xbox Australia. Their response?

No one retailer has the lowest pricing for every product, and our program is about giving people 24 x 7 convenience and selection when shopping for Xbox 360 games.

We're incredibly excited about what Games on Demand means for digital distribution, and will continue to evaluate and evolve the service to meet market and consumer demands.

Anybody think paying double the asking price for a game is worth the convenience? Anyone? Anyone?


    Let's all buy Mass Effect for $100 when we could just go down the shop and get it for more than half that in a bargain bin =D

    Don't even get me started on COD2. 50 dollars? How fricken old is that game now?! I didn't even know it was on the xbox360 until a few months ago.

    Shit digital distribution prices aren't the fault of MSA or Valve (the other major DD group), it's because the publishers still have major control, and have an effective monopoly (duopoloy, whatever, everyone from importation, to distribution, to publishing and retail are in cahoots) on the sale of retail games in Australia.

    EB (the major game retail store in australia) doesn't want cheap DD. They pressure their supplies and publishers to keep the digital price as high or higher than retail.

    DD is such a minor share of the market (even importing from asia is still very minor). Even online orders in Australia are small. The big money is in retail.

    I guarantee you, if EB decided NOT to stock Modern Warfare 2 on release, the sales would plummet. Games that don't get put on the shelf at EB on release don't sell. It's that simple. In many cases, if EB don't think it will sell, they don't order, and the game never comes here. Ever.

    So the various companies appease EB, and through this, the other retailers (large walmat style chain stores) follow on their heels.

    I'm sure people can wait til the next morning for a game to get it half the price that MS are offering it. Especially for a game that is 1-2 years old and even 3 nearly 4 years old.

    Enough said.

    When the beta update updated to include the games on demand thing I was really disappointed. I had my hopes set on these games being REASONABLY priced. I never expected them to undercut retail by much but I watched a preview video in the beta dash and saw oblivion priced at 1600 points and decided then and there that I'd have that. Then I see 3000 points on our dash and just lost all hope for it. Add shit prices to the lack of physical product, the slow download speed that most people have and the DATA CAPS and we've got a great idea for a service that will die in the arse simply because the entire country's infrastructure is against it.

    Oh well, there's always

    Firstly, I don't have a xbox but I feel your pain. This is par for the course, why was there never a story (I never saw one) on why Patapon 2 was $20USD in the US and sony are okay to be charging $50AUD over here in Australia.
    Digital downloads should be a great way to save money, and maybe force a change in the insane ~you don't live in the USA~ markup we get slugged with. This is why steam is good. you just pay the US price and download.
    If these companies wanted to fix their piracy concerns getting their pricing back to comparitive levels would be a good start.
    The ACCC should kick their butts for this sort of thing.

    Well to be honest, they've cut out the middle man and have now come up with a way to sell their games without the costs involved in manufacturing millions of discs. So you'd think the prices would be much smaller? Then again, it's Micro$$$oft.

    And i'm sorry, but this "money for convenience" thing just doesn't interest me. It should turn all gamers off this games on demands crap. Besides, they are all old games anyway.

    I mean, 50 bucks for oblivion? i bought it for 15 at EB's

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