Microsoft Take Note, Here’s How To Treat PAL Gamers

Microsoft Take Note, Here’s How To Treat PAL Gamers

shatter_012Xbox 360’s Games On Demand looks set to deliver a hefty price hike on downloadable games for Australian gamers. New Zealand studio Sidhe Interactive, developer of Gripshift and new PSN title Shatter, show how it should be done.

Speaking to GameSetWatch, Sidhe’s Mario Wynands explained why they opted to price Shatter, which does for Breakout what Geometry Wars did for Robotron, identically throughout the world.

“Being based in New Zealand, we have long been exposed to the price disparity between videogame products in North America versus the PAL territories. Our approach is to view the digital space as a single market made up of many different demographics, so we chose to maintain the same pricing across all territories.

We probably could have jacked up the price for the PAL territories and would have gotten away with it. Many publishers take advantage of disparate pricing and milk the customers a little more.

We hope that the good will and larger initial sales generated through price parity will pay off for us in the long term.”

Bravo! But that’s not the reason you should buy Shatter. You should buy it because it’s really good. Take a look.

Interview: Sidhe’s Wynands Talks Evolution Of Shatter, State Of PSN [GameSetWatch]


    • Holy crap – listening to that just gave me Commodore 64 flashbacks! I’m sold – downloading tonight!

  • it’s amazing how much we get ripped off in digital distribution.

    This is exactly why i think digital distribution would/should never come into effect/succeed.

    I really shudder at the thought of being able to buy games from one place at one set price. I mean what will there be to stop someone from making prices stupidly high?

    Granted Steam is doing ok for some of it’s price marks..

  • Shatter is awesome. Bought it on day one and am looking forward to DLC.

    Sidhe, well they just went a few notches above awesome in my book.

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