Microsoft To Set To Announce Fable 3

Peter Molyneux plans to announce Fable III this morning at Germany's Gamescom.

Molyneux will be talking about the setting and the story of this third role-playing game during Microsoft's Gamescom press conference, which is scheduled to commence later this morning.

We'll bring you all the details of the announcement - and everything else Microsoft have to offer - once the presser begins at 10am Central European Time (6pm AEST).

Update: And it's official. Fable designer Peter Molyneux has just announced Fable III for the Xbox 360.


    Date? Month? Year?

    Most likely Holiday 2010 correct? As it was for Fable 2.

    Hmmm... will it be even more modern than Fable 2?

    im a little concerned fable 3 will once again be set in albion.change of scenery please. dlc springs to mind

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