Midway Unloads San Diego Studio On THQ

Congratulations to THQ, new owners of a slightly used San Diego game development studio, previously owned by Midway Games. THQ bought the TNA iMPACT! wrestling game development house for $US200,000 according to a filing with the SEC.

That purchase gets THQ the development studio—well, "substantially all" of its assets—but not the rights to the TNA iMPACT! licence. It also means jobs for 40 or so members of the former Midway San Diego studio, as THQ has extended offers of at-will employment to some former Midway employees.

The San Diego studio wasn't included in Warner Bros.'s purchase of Midway's assets, nor was the publisher/developer's Newcastle group. The whole thing is pending on a judge's approval, as the Chicago Tribune points out, but it sounds like a done deal.

While THQ has downsized over the previous year, it recently had a damn good quarter, thanks in part to UFC 2009 Undisputed. And considering the publisher has plans to expand upon its UFC licensed game offerings, we wouldn't be at all surprised to see those previously tasked with TNA wrestling game duties working on another fighting game.

Seems like a good fit, no?

Midway Games selling San Diego studio, related assets for $US200,000 [Chicago Tribune - thanks, Dawn!]


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