Milla Jovovich Has Never Seen A 3D Movie

Have you seen a 3D movie? Actress Milla Jovovich hasn't. Not even Captain EO ! That's okay, because she'll be able to watch herself in 3D when the upcoming Resident Evil: Afterlife opens late next year.

From an interview with website

Interview: I know a lot of actors don't like to see themselves on screen and I was curious about whether you've seen yourself in 3D yet.

Jovovich: No, I haven't, I haven't.

Interview: I guess there'll be thousands of you in 3-D.

Jovovich: That'll be pretty interesting. I've never actually seen a 3-D movie.

That doesn't stop the actress from going to say how an action movie like Afterlife has "a lot of potential for 3-D to kind of use the medium at its best."

Afterlife will rap up filming this Christmas and be out next September.

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