Modern Warfare 2 Features Cameo From... 50 Cent?

Rapper 50 Cent will be strapping on the bulletproof vest once again in a video game — but not one of his own. Instead, he'll be making a cameo in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

The rapper will lend his vocal talents to Modern Warfare 2 as "The Multi-Player Voice," according to official site The rapper dropped the news following a visit to Infinity Ward, during which he played Modern Warfare 2 with Good Charlotte's Benji and Joel Madden. No official word yet on whether those two contribute to the game or if Infinity Ward was simply double booked.

Robert Bowling, the developer's director of communications says that 50 Cent will be "one of the squad voices in Multiplayer / Spec Ops" on his Twitter account.

50 Cent Visits Infinity Ward (Creators of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2) [This Is 50]


    Oh cheer.
    Thats sarcasm if you didn't already know.

    Having some mumbling dude speak to you when an airstrike is inbound. Not a good idea, its scream, death to me.

    Keifer Sutherland actually suited the role in World at War. I can't help but think Infinity are trying to top that over Treyarch. Sorry Infinity, BIG step down!

      Agreed totally unnecessary. Any number of voice actors could do the job, getting 50c to do it is really out of place.

      Yeh, same response here. I liked having Kiefer Sutherland and Gary Oldman shout at me. Think I'll just get annoyed if I hear fifty cent (I refuse to spell it correctly) talking through the speaker. Already hate his music, don't need him in a game I want to play.

        Yes I am sure he will be rapping to you and talking gansta smack while you play.

        Hes just voice acting guys. I doubt you would even have known it was him if you were not told just now.

        And honestly, if you have played multiplayer CoD you surely must be used to hearing annoying voices, if it offends you so much just ignore it like all the others.

    Wow, stupid decision or what?

    Come on guys, it's a damn voice. Now you're just nit-picking. If you play a game such as MW2 for the voices you occasionally hear in MP, I feel sorry for you.

    Semi - Enjoy some of his songs, rather enjoyed his game, can't see this being a "huge step down" as some of you are saying.

      Lol you're a douche.

      Of corse we play CoD for the voice acting, why else would we be bitching about fiddy cent being in it?

      I'm going to buy the game, so him being it, which does annoy me, isn't going to stop me from buying it. It's going to be a kick ass game whether its being overrated or not. Multiplayer MAKES CoD.

      I do ignore the voice acting online, its not something you be like, okay i gotta stop myself from paying attention. When you're in the moment to get some kills and not die you don't pay attention to that stuff.

      But this is very evident that Infinity are trying to top Treyarch's GREAT decision of Keifer Sutherland's role in World at War - something i actually do pay attention to.

      If you've ever heard 50 cent speak in interviews or movies or even in his music, which i gather majority of people have, then you should have realized that his voice is not for gaming? Not for this sorta stuff. A voice actor is 100times cheaper to hire to do it, why not do that? It's just pointless crap they're trying to add for marketing.

    Logically they should pick an actor to do voice acting rather than a rapper but ah well, I don't play Call of Duty for the multiplayer. It's the always freakin' amazing single player that hooks me in.

    are they serious? the guy is a douche!! man, i dunno if i really want this game any more. i'm not gonna support that crack head.
    maybe i'll just "get" it for my 360 instead ;)

    I won't mind so long as he doesn't act all gansta. If its just his voice, i've got no problems. But if he starts saying "I'm gonna drop a airstrike on yo ass" THEN i'll be annoyed


    For you guys who seem to be ok with this, you've heard his voice acting right? Can't say I was impressed, admittedly not as bad as some others I've heard. Oh well, so long's it's confined to the little tib bits in MP only.

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