Modern Warfare 2 Gameplay Leaked From Game Crazy Con

Earlier this week GameCrazy held their annual retailer convention in Las Vegas, getting a chance to check out a slew of upcoming titles...and shoot video of at least one.

As always, don't watch either of these Modern Warfare 2 clips if you want your game-playing experiences to be virginal. The top video gives us a taste of standard campaign gameplay, and shows off what may be a very cool new feature.

The second video lets you see what the game's Special Ops cooperative mode, that we've all been talking about, looks like.

[Thanks Kris]

AU update: Here's another version of the above videos (but be warned, they may get pulled down too). -EH


    Great they have been removed.....

      Hey guys, someone uploaded the footage at gametrailers..looks pretty freakin sweet :D

      My fine feathered friend, I found the clip here:

    Check youtube, I found several Game Crazy videos of MW2 that are probably the ones this article is referring to.

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