Modern Warfare 2, Marvel Ultimate Alliance Breaking Pre-Order Records

Activision have been around for a long, long time. Longer than pre-orders have. So when Activision come out and say that Modern Warfare 2 has more of them than any other game in company history, that's a lot.

That's more than any previous Guitar Hero game. More than any previous Call of Duty game. More than any... Pitfall game. Seeing as the last Modern Warfare game has already sold around 14 million copies, that has this one on track to sell, well, around that many again. Maybe even more. Which is an awful lot of copies.

The news was disclosed as part of Activision's earnings results today, along with the announcement that there are two downloadable map packs planned for the game.

Speaking of pre-orders, Activision also revealed that Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 sits at #5 on Activision's all-time pre-order chart. Not as impressive a statistic as Modern Warfare's, but then it does show that the game's not flying under as many people's radars as we'd first thought.


    my Boys love the old Ultimate Alliance, picked it up for a bargin too, i just told them the other day i'd have a surprise for them soon ;)

    I'm wondering whether it will surpass Halo 3's record breaking achievement in First Day Sales, Revenue and Weekly sales & revenue.

    I don't think it will pass GTA IV, but then again its coming on PC also and COD is more popular on PC than what GTA is. COD is evenly popular compared to GTA.

    A tad strange though... Halo 3 had 4.2 copies in retailers the day before release. I assume majority were Pre-orders. GTA IV had only 3.6 million. Halo 3 grossed $170mil from one day compared to $300 appprox for one day with GTA IV.
    Halo 3 had $300mil in a week, compared to $500 by GTA IV.

    The weekly gross is fair enough, GTA probably did sell more in a week. But the first day one puzzles me. Espec when it had less sales i'm assuming. I don't actually know first day sales of Halo 3 but just judging on the 4.2 million sitting on the shelves.

    Either way, expect a huge gross from Modern Warfare 2. Just lets see if another record can be broken. Oh and definitely a record for Xbox Live Connections. Halo had 1 million plus!

      I reckon it will set a new record.

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