Modern Warfare Has A Competitor For "Stupidest Collector's Edition"

Modern Warfare 2's collector's edition is ridiculous. It's Activision testing how stupid you all are. But it's not alone in the over-the-top military shooter collector's edition stakes! No, there's also Operation Flashpoint 2 to consider.

Codemaster's "sequel" to Bohemia Interactive's 2001 classic has a limited edition that comes with an army helmet. A full-size army helmet, that looks like it's made from metal (plus a dog tag), giving the game a box that wouldn't look out of place in the Rock Band isle. Or a stinky old army disposal store.

No word on price yet, or availability (this is a European version), but hey, on the bright side, unlike the MW2 box, this one will be made available to PC users.

Kotaku AU Note: I've asked Codies to confirm availbility in Australia. Will let you know.

[thanks Chris!]


    man it says something about me when i think all this stuff is kind of neat... i mean now i can wear a helmet and a pair of goggles!!!

    it's just like the real army, only i have less chance of getting shot.... unless i wore them walking through the western suburbs at night time...

    Too bad the helmet looks like an old soviet PoS. Give me NVG's any day!

    Other than the fact the M1 helmet doesn't belong here, how is this stupid?

      mainly the fact that theyre selling a useless, probably overpriced army helmet with A PC GAME

      I'm with you on this - there are lots more things I could spend my money on that are actually stupid...I just can't think of any right this second.

      I'm off to pre-order my Night Perving Goggles. Apparantly they come bundled with a game.

    That makes no sense at all - why would they have an army helmet - it should from the marines! Or quite possibly the PLA helmet.


    Looks like a pattern here: helmet, nightvision goggles, weapon (batarang from Batman). Could be a few emergency ward visits in the next few months :P

    Anyone up for saving the kids and organising a petition to get Bungie to include body armour with the ODST CE?

    looks like a ugly bowl to me, but that's just what i'm seeing.

    Yeah considering this isn't as popular as Halo or Call of Duty, it makes sense its a stupid collectors edition that won't be as successful.

    At least you can wear your night vision goggles, although you may look stupid. But have a reason to run around like a freak, whilst looking like one.
    Wearing a plastic cap is just, pointless. Even the un-wearable master chief helmet makes more sense.

    The only extras i like are cloth maps and making of dvd's. The only extras i hate are maps or weapons for single player that should just be part of the game and get taken out to be part of deluxe editions pfff.

    I cant wait til I hear stories of someone holding up a bank with the Batarang, Flashpoint helmet and COD goggles.

    I guess if no ones going to make headlines doing it I shall, for the lols.



    Can I just buy the helmet?

    I just want to buy the Steelbook case version, separately.

    why do people write some stupid articles like these one.
    it dosen't make any sense saying that mw2 collectors edition box is ridiculous.
    if u can justify ur self for saying it fine in the other case please stop writing these useless articles.
    The night vision goggles is cool and i think its way better than a stupid helmet

    Why bitch about this stuff? You don't have to buy it. Let the losers who need to feel important buy this crap. Its called captialism. Businesses try to sell stuff, to make money, which they use to make more products, and pay their employees. The employees use the money to buy more dumb stuff for their whiny ass kids, and the cycle keeps going. Don't buy it if you don't like it.

    This is the German special edition. Looks like leftover promo gear from the European tour.

    Check out, this picture first surfaced August 4th.

    I'm certain you meant:
    "...a box that wouldn’t look out of place in the Rock Band aisle."

    The marketers haven't gotten around to buying a Rock Band Isle yet. I'm surprised Nintendo didn't think of it for Wii Sports Resort though.

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