Monster Hunter 3 Cheater Banned Until The Year 9999

Monster Hunter developer Capcom is taking cheating seriously. Very seriously. That, or it's automatic responses might need a-fixin'.

The below image reads:

Dear Customer

You are presently banned for using modded data to connect online. The ban will be left at 22:49 on 12/12/9999. The next time you violate the terms of use, you will never again be able to connect.

The year 9999 might be a long time, but it's not "never". Never is a long time. 9999? A blink in the space-time continuum.

『モンスターハンター3』で改造データを使うと9999年まで接続禁止になるらしい [オレ的ゲーム速報@刃][Pic]


    well hell at leats be able to get a char to lvl 55 in WoW in that time

    Isn't there something written in some popular book about the sins of the father being handed down to several (thousand) generations ;-)

    Big woop, probably just join private servers.

    By the way I'm hoping we have Wifi MH3 here in english as well... and I'm also hoping it will be free...

    just get a new IP address.

    i don't think these bans are anything new, i was banned from pristontale for the next 30 years(at the time. I think it was for using someones hacked potion that picked up =/

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