More City Of Heroes Power Customization Screens

Paragon Studios shows off more of the power customisation coming in the Issue 16: Power Spectrum update for City of Heroes.

The new screenshots come with the news that every player will be getting one free Tailoring session per costume slot when the Power Spectrum update is released, in order to ensure that every costumed identity they possess gets a chance to have their eye beams, death rays, and concussion waves pimped out as completely as possible. According to Paragon's Matt "Positron" Miller, "This is our special thanks to our players for never giving up on suggesting the feature to us, no matter how "impossible" we might have said it was to do in the past."

Be sure to check out our Comic-Con preview of the new features, in which we discuss with Miller how to create a pink avenger of love using the character creation tools.


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