More Faces From Fable II

More Faces From Fable II

Lionhead has posted the fourth installment of their Big Hero Gathering feature, in which they assemble players’ heroes from Fable II into one giant tribute to character customisation.

I find it extremely interesting to scroll down through the giant collage, seeing what other players have done with the main character from the game. Through the course of Fable II, the hero you create becomes a part of the game, to the point that when someone talks about the title you’re picturing your own hero in your head. Looking at what other people have created is almost like looking through windows into alternate realities.

Plus, it’s an excellent place to steal other peoples’ ideas and make them your own. I am totally recreating my hero to look like the Tim Schafer angel in the middle there.

Big Hero Gathering #4 [Fable II Development Blog]

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