My, A Lot Of People Play Runescape

Runescape tends to fly along under most people's radars. Maybe because it's free, maybe because it's browser-based, maybe because of both. Doesn't matter! Game's still insanely popular.

Publishers Jagex have revealed that the game has had 105 million people sign up since launching eight years ago. Sure, it's free to sign up, and there'll be multiple accounts among that figure, but still. It's an impressive number.

Not as impressive as the game's active user base, though, which is a far more accurate way to gauge the health of an online game. Jagex say that, depending on whether you're "taking a day, a week, three months", Runescape has 10 million active players.

Jagex on RuneScape, MechScape and FunOrb [Eurogamer]


    I use to be addicted to this game a couple years ago I had a full phat set and 300mill. Then jagex banned me for "cheating". I was a paying member too. Corrupt company in my opinion. Will never play it again there are to many immature little kids on there and I refuse to support jagex.

    I used to play this game. Was a great deal of fun too. Then I moved onto Tibia...and then I realised I was wasting my life haha

    so now I've been playing fallout 3...and the cycle begins again!

    lol well im apart of a community, that is involved heavily in macroing and real world trading. Between the thousands of users of our community each runs atleast 10 accounts around the clock. The moderators kick off with around 50+ and the admins run inexcess of 200+

    All up at any given time 25000+ accounts are controlled by us.

    However i know of non private community that boasts it controls a 1 million users with its 400,000 plus members.

    Runescape is flooded with bots macro and bug abuse.

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