NCAA 10 Patch Resolves 'Gay' Filtering

Probably not the biggest gameplay issue NCAA 10 players are concerned about, but the "gay" filtering foofaraw has been cleared up as part of a massive patch, the second put out for this game in two months.

You might remember, earlier this month, we reported the egg-on-face situation where auto-named rosters from NCAA 10's Teambuilder site, imported into the Xbox 360 version, resulted in players named "Jason XXX" instead of "Jason Gay," This was attributed not to EA Sports code but to Xbox Live filters. Microsoft stood by its filter policy.

Interestingly, among the slew of fixes in the second patch was this one: "Certain TeamBuilder teams were incorrectly being blocked by the profanity filter and showing up as XXXX, this has been corrected." This extends to the rosters, as I just tested it out myself. In fact, if you want to put "Gay" anywhere in your team name, go right ahead.

I've emailed EA Sports to ask if there was any sort of exception granted for the last name of a sports roster. I've emailed Microsoft to ask if this is a shift in policy. If there's any response, this post will be updated.

For most, however, this patch will be noteworthy for 31 fixes and tweaks, ranging from the quality of uploaded video highlights to a number of AI fixes - in running backs, wide receivers, receiver routes, lead blocking, etc. The full list follows.

• Player Lock in Online Games will now move the camera behind the locked player (like Offline games) • Greatly increased the quality of uploaded videos • Fixed an issue with penalties on a change of possession in Overtime • Fixed an issue where you would sometimes lose control of your player going offsides in no huddle situations • Tuned holding chances on Field Goals and Extra Points • Fixed a couple pass coverage issues with Wild Cat plays • Tuned the chuck success chances to favour more neutral results. Wins and Losses are extreme and should occur less for both the offence and defense • AI Tackle slider is now more effective • Lead Blocking tweaks to fix some cases of pulling lineman ignoring defenders • Fixed a few rare cases that would cause players in pursuit to run away from the ball carrier • Tuned the CPU ball carrier to make some smarter choices • Fixed a bug where the CPU would high step at inappropriate times • Tuned player switching logic to give a more appropriate player • Fixed an issue with Punts being spotted incorrectly when the punt went out of bounds • Corrected an issue where pressing in man coverage would cause the CPU to throw the ball too early • If the receiver caught a pass during a slip, rarely would he be ruled down after the catch (even if he got up before making the catch). This has been fixed. • Fixed a bug where sometimes the clock would continue to run after hold on an extra point • Forward pitches are now correctly tracked as passing and receiving yards for the players involved • Receivers will now try and release to the appropriate side of the defender based on their route • Fixed some problems that were causing defensive players to not always get back in time during hurry up plays • Reduced the effect of the Run Block Slider on special teams plays • Tuned how effective the slant route for running backs out of the backfield was • Tuned how far away diving sacks will start from • Fixed an online grieve with pausing the game • Fixed a bug where using a TeamBuilder team as the away team would cause the team colours to be incorrect • Fixed an issue where some Dynasty teams were only able to offer 15 scholarships. You will not have to restart your dynasty for this to take effect, the fix is for offline and online dynasties. • Certain TeamBuilder teams were incorrectly being blocked by the profanity filter and showing up as XXXX, this has been corrected • Fixed and issue where Punt was not the default selection on 4th down and punting distance • Off-centered single digit jersey numbers are now centered correctly • Fixed a crash in Custom Stadium Sounds when the list of files was too long • TeamBuilder teams with & in the name can now be searched properly • Fixed an issue where the "Online Dynasty Servers are Down" pop-up was showing up incorrectly

This patch is kind of a pity. On one hand, it means a better game. On the other, 32 fixes, on top of the earlier online roster issues mean the consumer code that went out day one was less than acceptable.

NCAA Football 10 Patch #2 Details [Pasta Padre]


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