NCsoft Already Preparing Guild Wars 2 Art Book

NCsoft Already Preparing Guild Wars 2 Art Book

The art section of the relatively bare Guild Wars 2 website now features a listing for The Art of Guild Wars 2, a 128 page art book for a game we’ve only really seen a trailer of.

Well, a trailer and some concept art. Still, the game seems to be at a really early stage of development, which is not generally the time you announce a big book of "eye-candy by ArenaNet's award-winning artists." The whole value of a video game art book, for me at least, is that the images are enhanced by my memories of playing the game. This just seems like a bit of a tease.

With no real release date listed for the volume, who really knows? Perhaps it's just a really early tease for an art book coming in the far future? A portent of things to come? Time echoes? The mind reels.

Guild Wars 2 Art Page [Official Website via Massively]


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