New Assassin's Creed II, Patrice Footage

Not only does this Assassin's Creed II clip have new gameplay footage and concept art, but it also has new footage of AC creative director Patrice and his beard.

Patrice does the talking. His beard? The listening.


    im excited for this game... would sell someones mother to play it

    Arrghhh! - "Individualistic"

    Dear America & Canada, You sound like absolute idiots when you make up or mangle real words.
    Also 'Addicting' - 'Impactful' - Please stop it!


    AC2 looks great =)

    Stealing from anyone? That's a clear violation of the Creed... I hope I'm not gonna have to spend hours stealing from guards because I refuse to steal from innocents.

    really looking forward to this. Got the first one heap and went into it expecting it to be really shit because of all the negative reviews, and ended up loving it. I just want to be able to break the creed (kill innocents and cause mayhem) seeing as how ezio isn't really a part of the guild

    The quality of this video doesn't do the game and the graphics any justice.

    But yes looking forward to it!

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