New Mass Effect 2 Screenshots, Wallpaper

It's "Meet the Thane" day over at the official Mass Effect 2 website tonight, as BioWare release some screenshots and wallpaper featuring the green-skinned alien guy we first met back in the E3 trailer for the game.


    Green dude looks pretty lame. Could have come up with something a bit better i believe.

    This game is looking gorgeous... So excited.

      It does look pretty flash. I would have like something a little less human looking though.

        Well considering all of Mass Effect's original species (bar Asari) were so outlandish, I really dont mind this one.

        It's all good design in my eyes.

    Mass Effect to me is Star Wars as told by Bioware without having to empty their coffers to LucasArts.

      You must have duct-taped your eyes shut and worn earmuffs if that's your opinion of Mass Effect.

      It has to be one of the most interesting Sci-Fi universes.

    mass effect was nothing like star wars dumb ass.

    I think you have me wrong here, I love Mass Effect, i've played through the game 4+ times now and spend plenty of hours just pissing about on the all terrain vehicle.

    BUT you cannot seriously tell me that playing KOTOR 1 and 2 then playing Mass Effect that Bioware developing Star Wars did not influence them in any way, because that would be stupid.

    I personally think the Mass Effect universe is better than that of Star Wars, the characters are more real, the politics more believable, the reason the races all look humanoid explained. But the influences are still there.

    Think of it as a compliment, one in which Bioware has developed KOTOR then has been inspired to make a better universe.

      why do they all look humanoid? I mustn't have picked up on that./

    The Reapers have for millions of years been seeding the Universe with life; once their seed has evolved, expanded their technology, reached a peak in their evolution they come to reap the rewards and consume their civilisation for all its worth...

    Obviously they only seed life to starting, but its understandable that their interaction at sparking life had something todo with the races evolving similarly, but different at the same time (according to their planets and natural selection obviously).

    Theres an orb log you can find in the game that has a vision from the Protheans (in the form of a text story)... it basically tells of the Protheans visiting and observing humans at their earlier form (caveman). The fable ends noting much like the monolyth from 2001: A Space Odyssey that the Protheans interaction made man think of things greater then tribal life insinuating the spark for advancement to begin.

    Even though thats only a small part of the game, its one of my favourite touches.

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