New Rage Screenshots Are Postcards From The Apocalypse

The SIGGRAPH 2009 conference is currently going down in New Orleans, where professionals from all over the creative industries are meeting up to talk computer graphics. id, creators of Doom, Quake and now Rage, are among the companies giving presentations.

And as part of their talk on "virtual texturing", the company presented some new Rage screenshots, which were dutifully picked up by Shacknews. And my oh my are they pretty. I won't try and sum up what virtual texturing actually means (it's something to do with very, very large textures), since it all seems a bit technical, but if that sounds like good reading to you a pdf of id's talk is at the link below.

Virtual Texturing [id, via Shacknews]


    Can I be the first to say "That shit looks incredible". It would have to be the biggest jump in 3d gaming graphics for a long, long time.

    Yes. WOW!

    I'm really missing out on PC! Lol. Or is stuff like this capable on consoles too?

    Just looking at the second and fifth pictures, amazing. The rocks & sand, the detail! Incredible.
    A lot of games have looked great with details, but this looks great in everything from what these screenshots show. Details form afar, close up.

    Yeah, WOW!

      it's on 360 and ps3 too, by my understanding :)

      I was reading an article in Edge and all dissapointed that I dont have a PC to run it... then got to the paragraph about it being on consoles, and i think i squeeled outloud.

    Hawt, and it does 60fps on consoles. Certainly could beat out Killzone for console technology showcase (although, they would have a hard time matching Killzone's ragdoll system).

      I have a feeling the console versions isn't going be to close to this, Killzone can still rest easy.

    HD sand dunes, how I love you, how I love you, ohhhhh my dear HD sand dunes

    4th image reminds me or borderlands, or maybe i'm just seeing things

    It'll be a real shame if the game's environment physics don't match the visual quality which I have a feeling they may.

    You know, all you're seeing is really high definition textures, so the actual graphics can't be said in screenshots.

    The enviroments look nice but look at the picture with people in it, distant objects don't look very nice and the antialiasing is starting to fail. This will be a sweet title on pcs but looks like it could be lacking graphically on the consoles.

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