New Starcraft II Cinematic

If there's one thing Blizzard do better than anything, it's AAA cinematic sequences. Here's a new one for the upcoming Starcraft II, featuring a couple of old rivals.

StarCraft 2 Old Rivals Trailer HD [GameVIdeos]


    I little old - this leaked/shown at last years Blizcon but stil cool

      True. But Blizzard has now officially released it to the public. At least, the public who didn't see it at Blizzcon...

        I'll be one of those people.

    uh...kotaku? thats not new...

      It is for the majority of us who don't frequent SC2-centric forum communities.

    Yeah this isn't new, We saw it about a year ago.

    Disappointed by the new voice acting.

    New to me.

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