NHL 10 Coverboy Arrested Over 20 Cents

Who knows what Patrick Kane was paid to appear on the NHL 10 cover, but it was probably more than 20 cents. So it's hard to fathom why a 20-year-old zillionaire athlete would deck a cabbie over two dimes.

But that's what Buffalo cops say Kane did when he caught a $US13.80 cab ride last night and paid for it with a 10 and a 5. When the driver said he didn't have 20 cents to go with the buck in change, a hockey game broke out. The cops said Kane and his bro grabbed the money back and beat the crap out of the guy.

So, a day that began with Kane announcing with Buffalo's mayor the funding of a local rink ends with the golden boy in the slammer on charges of robbery, criminal mischief, theft of services, yada yada.

It's probably not enough to ding Kane's appearance on the NHL 10 box, but damn. Cabbies play games too, you know.

Hawks' Kane Arrested for Robbing, Assaulting Cab Driver [TSN, thanks, David, Steven, many others.]


    Next time remember to carry sufficient change. They have quarters there right? give the guy a f'ing quarter you stingy ass cabbie.

      Or maybe just let the cabbie keep the change? I mean, jesus. I give cabbies my change and I earn in a year what he probably earns in an hour.

    How come this article was so incredibly poorly written? "cops", "cabbies", "slamer", "bro", "deck", "buck", "yada yada yada"? Did Kotaku just get hacked or something... because this is by far the ugliest article I've ever read on this site.

    Sorry Owen but... jesus, what's up with this? What's with the slang and loose talk... is Kotaku getting bored with these articles? If that's the case then maybe you should reconsider actually paying attention to them?

      Really? You're reading an article about a hockey player beating up a taxi driver on a video games blog and you're upset about the diction? This isn't the New York Times dude, get the stick out of your arse.

      This is a damn blog, the guidelines of professional journalism don't really apply.

        "Professional Journalism"???

        LOL don't make me laugh. That's as big an oxymoron as "Microsoft works" ever was.

    That's ridiculous, Kane is now a mega douche

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