Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Ad: "Japanese Women Are Frightening"

Developer Tecmo has tongue planted firmly in cheek for this Ninja Gaide Σ 2 spot that is a send off of a Japanese shampoo ad.

Tecmo uses the tag line "The women of Japan are frightening" (日本の女性は、恐ろしい。) as it shows the lovely ladies of Σ: 2 slicing up bad dudes. The phrasing is a parody of the catch phrase used in a shampoo ad: "The women of Japan are beautiful" or 日本の女性は、美しい。)

The original TSUBAKI shampoo ad features a song from super boy band SMAP, while the Tecmo one features cheesy music. No wait, they both feature cheesy music. Whatever!


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