Nintendo Wants Your Ideas For Australia's Club Nintendo

nds_nintendo_dsi_lifestyle_35Club Nintendo launched in Australia earlier this year. It offered five member rewards back then... and still offers the same five. Now Nintendo wants to hear your suggestions to improve it.

I'd caught up with Nintendo Australia boss Rose Lappin a few weeks back. We discussed a range of things, including their upcoming Wii games, as well as those not coming at all.

One of those things I'd forgotten all about until I just happened to be glancing through my interview notes yesterday. That thing was Club Nintendo, the customer loyalty scheme where you redeem codes from purchased Nintendo products and earn stars to spend on various merchandise. Lappin told me it had proved popular since its March launch.

"We've had quite a lot of redemptions and it's about where we expected it to be," she said. "It was a long time coming, I know, but it took a bit longer than we had hoped. We're continuing to work on it. We're being supported by Europe on that, and we're putting on extra people to work on Club Nintendo and get that to a stage where consumers are getting more out of it.

"We're fairly new at this, it's only been a few months now. I'd welcome any feedback your readers may have to help us work on and expand that to make it better."

There are certainly plenty of member rewards available in other territories that Nintendo could look at bringing here. But what I really want to know is... what else? What sort of thing would you like to see Club Nintendo offer Australian gamers that it doesn't offer anywhere else?

I'll pass all your ideas on to Nintendo.


    They could offer an PAL version of Excitebots, oh wait...

    Can you suggest to Nintendo that they redemy the Wii situation first and start releasing some games I would buy, and then worry about their "Club"

    PS - I have redeemed two codes with the club before it activated, I got a confirmation email from Nintendo but I havent heard anything since then - and I dont know if I still have those codes. Will they still work? Does anyone know where they are? *puts on tin foil hat*

    heres an idea, offer us more stuff... stuff thats actually usefull... an that we actually want.

    How about some cool looking tees or something?
    A simple black zip up hoody with a nintendo logo on the breast?
    A nifty nintendo nes gamepad belt buckle?

    No hats though... for the love of god please no hats...

    As i said, give us something we can actually use and want.

    How about also bonus points for surveys? get yourself some feedback and reward us at the same time..

    Maybe some nintendo related flash games that actually make staying on the site interesting?

    god i could come up with so many things...

    Why not stuff like Nunchucks, Classic Controllers, MotionPlus Adapters, Wrist Straps, DS/DSi Stylus Pens, Wii/DSi Points Cards, DS/DSi Car Chargers... practicle stuff

    i want the different coloured wavebird controllers.

    I'd love some exclusive Zelda merch. Heck, any collectables. After all, the US got that sweet gold statue. Not that I'd ever be able to afford it >.>
    But really, who has actually ordered anythign from there yet? I regret registering my codes straight away, I should have saved them for when something good comes up. Seriously Nintendo, Mario towels? I laughed.

    Anything from the Japanese Club Nintendo store. Cool things like the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack, the Mario and Luigi 3 soundtrack (oh we'd need the game too at some point).


    I redeemed my points for the game and watch collection game but I doubt I'd buy any of that other stuff. I just have no use for it. Why can't they give us stuff that's related to their most popular franchises? I mean, yes we have those towels, but it's not really that great. Shirts, games, private DSiWare and WiiWare content for club members only. The list goes on and on.

    Oh and if you could, a purple Yoshi plush with wings from super mario world. Why haven't they been made yet?

    A Stretch Armstrong doll with the face of Reginald Fils-Aimé please.

    Super Famicom classic controllers from Japan, they are awesome!

    I like the suggestion of things like DSiWare and WiiWare, but realistically that is as unlikely as them handing out cash. The idea of soundtracks is much more hopeful, and licensed material like Animal Crossing notepapers. Anything really, other than the ridiculous offerings currently available.

      But they've done it before. Like the Punch Out! Wiiware that allowed you to fight Doc Louis.

    Wii battery covers with our Miis on them please, like Japan had available to them at some point.

    The five existing things, well, there's nothing 'special' about any of them. We want special dang it!


    hanafuda cards, like japan

    Offer accesories we can pretty much buy elsewhere (DS game cart/stylus holder, Wiimote holder).

    Club Nintendo channel for Wii and DSi perhaps? Can log in to view and redeem points straight from our consoles.
    Offer cool merch like those towels or perhaps the hats that they have been distributing at launch events.
    Trade Star Points for Nintendo Points to be used to buy stuff from the DSi and Wii shops.
    Levels of club membership like the gold and platinum ones with extra special goodies.
    Oh, and that sexy SNES style classic controller for Wii please :D

    1. Free Nintendo Points - say, 500 Nintendo points for every 500 stars, or something? That should be about $7.50 worth for every two full-priced games you buy - I'd say that's a fair deal, since full-price games are $100, that's $7.50 in Nintendo points for $200 spent on Nintendo products.

    2. Wii products like Classic Controller Pro, MotionPlus adapter, Wii Speak, etc. At $30 for most of these sorts of products, that would be somewhere around the 2000-2500 stars range - in other words, 8-10 full-priced games.

    3. Personalised products, such as Wiimote covers with our Miis printed on them (or alternatively, your choice of one of a set of classic Nintendo franchise images, if you don't want your Mii on it), Notepads with your Mii in one corner and Mario's face in the other, things like that. These would be relatively low-cost, maybe 1000 stars (since they're personalised, it would cost more than just the paper/cover would typically cost to make).

    4. Soundtracks, Wiiware/DSiWare products (like, say, a free download of a specific title), etc. Prices would vary too much from product to product for me to suggest a sensible price range.

    But most importantly, some improvements in Nintendo Australia itself would be great. More prompt releases of titles, timely distribution of pokemon events (all other major regions of the world have had a Shaymin event, except us, and Europe is currently getting the "movie" Regigigas... and Australia still hasn't been able to get either Deoxys or Celebi), improved pricing where possible (US$50 games from Nintendo are still often AU$80-$100 here, when US$50 converts to AU$65 at the moment *after adding GST*), and perhaps a direct feedback email address somewhere.

    Fridge Magnets.
    8-bit: Mario, Bowser, a Star Power-Up... and a small scale NES controller.
    New School: Mario, Bowser, Luma... and a small scale glossy Wii controller.

    Keyrings: Shiny...
    Heroes set: Mario, Luigi, Peach, Yoshi,
    Bad guys set: Bowser, Wario, MagiKoopa, Birdo,
    Powerup set: Mushroom, Flower, Star, 1-Up,
    Controller set: NES, SNES, Gamecube, Wii,

    The Evolution of Mario. Small Glossy Book detailing the character's design, evolution, allies and nemesis in chronological order.
    Iwata Asks, but in printed form.

    Oh god, I could keep this up all day..

    SNES/Super Famicon controller from Japan.

    Nintendo Points for Points system. Trade in your Nintendo Club points for Wii points.

    As an aside..
    Why can't Nintendo hurry up and allow Virtual Console games on your memory card for play on the DSi? You can play games straight off the MMC slot on the Wii now, we're only one step away!!

    Too much time on my hands?

    There needs to be heaps more games that actually give you Club Nintendo points. So far, I can only think of three games that currently do: Wii Fit, Mario Kart, and SSBB.

    How about an "intend to buy" section?
    Listing current and coming soon games and selecting which ones I would possibly buy (it would make for an interesting marketing tool for Ninty Aus to see if a game SHOULD be released in Aus -- hint hint).
    I don't understand how Nintendo Aus works out if a game won't sell in Australia? I mostly see trash games on the Wii shelves in shops. How about bringing some goods ones? Or how about bringing US games and making them work on our Wiis? (like they did with Metroid 2 on Gamecube)
    Anyways, I want to see more stuff in the catalogue! It's boring!!!! I don't feel like buying more Nintendo games for points if there's nothing interesting in the catalogue. Bring over the items that US and Japan have in their catalogues. Like others have mentioned above - soundtracks!! Nintendo soundtracks seems to be the rarest kind of soundtracks, so they should put them into the catalogue. At least that will give me an incentive to get more games.
    Also when downloading WiiWare or DSi games, now that the DSi and Wii are linked to my Club account, can I get SOME points for getting those games?? It's not like I can give those games away or anything. Just seems pointless to see in my Club details that I have purchased a Wiiware or DSi game but get no points for it.

    1. Soundtracks
    2. Nunchucks
    3. special printed straps
    4. iphone cases
    5. small bags
    6. keyings
    7. mini action figures (keen on a kid icarus, pit one :P)
    8. decal stickers

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