Nintendo's Nutso Football Controller Patent

I'm just about at my breaking point with these wacky controller patents, but this one's so wacky - a football you stick your Wii Remote into - that it's worth a closer look.

It's essentially a soft (rubber? foam?) football with holes in it, that you stick the Wii Remote and Wii Nunchuk into. For football games. Then you slide your hand under the ball's handle and...make throwing actions. Or...hand-off actions. Or...maybe snapping the ball (wouldn't a rugby ball have at least been more versatile?).

And that's it! Now it's time to look at the silly pictures, say something snide about Nintendo then try and imagine the guy at the office who thought this was not only a good idea, but so good that it had to be patented.

Nintendo Developing A Squishy Football Controller [Siliconera]


    Nintendo. They might win at money, but they fail at life.

    Even the guy on the screen seems relatively pissed off at this idea.

    Just stunning.
    Looks like the Wii gets a graphics update also.



      But yeah this is just stupid. BUT HEY! Nintendo fans are stupid, they will fall for it and run to the stores to purchase it so its a success with Nintendo already. Now let the defending begin!

      BTW where is the sensor bar or is it that scribble below the TV? And what is Figure. 102??

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