Nintendo's Shameful, Inflatable Horse-Riding Wii Controller

Read that headline one more time. Then look at this picture. And prepare yourself for the eventuality that no, this is not a joke, meaning yes, Nintendo actually patented an inflatable horse-riding peripheral for the Wii.

It's a small, inflatable cushion with a dock for the Wii Remote. So that when you rock/bounce the horse, the controller is able to register the movement. You are then supposed to hold the nunchuk as you would a horse's reins. If it were a horse. We'd imagine it could just as easily simulate the riding of a donkey, camel, llama, alpaca or Asian elephant.

Or if those animals aren't your style, maybe you'd be more interested in riding some examples Nintendo themselves provide in the actual patent, like bulls, burros (small donkeys), dolphins, whales, dragons, griffons, unicorns and giant eagles.

Griffons ? Awesome.

Nintendo's Patented Horseback Riding Wii Controller [Siliconera]


    I hate to sound like a twat... but the number of word connotations which may happen as a result of it being actually done... worse than the Wii jokes when it was announced

    they should include rumble feature and i'll be happy

    Surely it will be called the Whippee Cushion?

    Wii Hemorrhoid Healer.

    Next Zelda has a rideable Griffon. You heard it here first folks.

    This is bad.

    Really bad,

    well thats not gay in any way......

    i didn't see anything if you didn't see anything

    I can see this working really well alongside the "vitality sensor". Your Wii will be able to tell how unexcited you are by the inflatable horse controller.

    Seriously - Nintendo have jumped the shark.

    You can't ride a llama or an alpaca.

      Yeah? What odds are you offering? Because I'll take some of that action :P

    Rumble? , yes , and you have a fully functional patented original family entertainment masturbation machine, ehm , for the nicer gender especially.

    Also you can check you're pulse with the wii vitality sensor whilist you're enjoying the ride. Who said Nintendo isn't great.

    Excellent! This is exactly the kind of groundbreaking technology we as a gaming community need! Good show Nintendo! Way to be the forerunners of innovation!

    Griffins, guys!

    i reckon it looks fun... i want one... everyone whinges too much these days

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