No Multiplayer For LittleBigPlanet On PSP

It was always going to be a struggle squeezing everything from the PS3 version of LBP into the PSP version. Something had to give. Turns out that something is multiplayer.

"The one thing we've lost is multiplayer," Media Molecule's Mark Green told Eurogamer. "You've got full physics systems, you got full create mode, you've got all the aspects of LittleBigPlanet - you can upload, download, ad-hoc share with people - but we haven't got multiplayer".

"It's a trade-off", he elaborates. "The system is physically capable of doing multiplayer, but perhaps not with the full physics system. On the technical side of things you lose a third of the processing power or a third of the system memory just to do multiplayer at all. With those limitations we couldn't achieve it."

Hey, fine by us. Couldn't really see multiplayer being as viable on the PSP anyway.

No multiplayer in LittleBigPlanet PSP [Eurogamer]


    Honestly, it kinda defeats the purpose of LBP. The single player better have a lot of content to keep my busy then.

    gotta agree with you there Vapor.

    Half the reason i loved LBP so much was the 4player multiplayer. Even 2 player wouldve been nice on psp

    Oh man, really? I was psyched to be getting LBP on my PSP, but what's the point of playing it by myself? The major selling point behind LBP is the community around it. I know you'll be able to download and upload your own levels. And that is very cool. But didn't Contra teach us all that side scrollers are better with two people? Bah, I'll still probably get it though.

    The great charm behind LittleBigPlanet was that you could play with friends and family and cackle yourself dead on a good weekend at the hilarity.

    I can see how, even if a multiplayer mode existed, 95% of purchasers would never touch that mode, because hardly anyone games on their PSP nowadays. They'd buy this game, and they would play solo.

    I am still thoroughly disappointed in the PSP edition however. Also the Japanese wouldn't touch it, because the Ad-hoc play is essential to any game's success over there.

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