Now Someone Wants To Make A Just Cause Movie

Now Someone Wants To Make A Just Cause Movie

Just Cause: The Movie may be overthrowing a theatre near you soon, as the Eidos action adventure game heavy on the BASE jumping is being worked into a feature film.

According to Variety, producer Adrian Askarieh is working to bring Just Cause to the silver screen, securing some $US30 million in financing and still shopping for a studio. Askarieh has had success with Eidos games before, bringing Hitman to the screen and setting up a film adaptation of Kane & Lynch, set to start filming next year.

Eidos and its Hollywood pals already have another Hitman sequel in the works as well as a Tomb Raider series reboot. No word (yet) on a Soul Bubbles feature film adaptation.

Askarieh takes up ‘Cause’ [Variety]


  • Oh dear, hollywood running out of ideas?
    What happen to being creative and original?

    If your going to do a movie on a game licence, make sure the game was good or is very popular.
    I don’t remember Just Cause making a big splash on the gaming community at all.

    Epic Fail.

  • Just Cause… household name, no.

    Just Cause… blockbuster, explosions, epic, yes.

    The trailer for Just Cause 2 is good enough! I mean even an animated film with helicopter exploding and jumping 10,000 feet from the air is good enough! I think this could suit a film quite easily but $30 million is not enough.

  • The guys over at Giantbomb have very good things to say about Just Cause 2, so I’m interested in checking it out when it comes out.

    Any game that lets you jump from an allied speeding car, pull out your parachute and fly up into the air, then grapple hook over to an enemy’s car, stunt jump to the front of it to avoid bullets, plant C4 on the bonnet, shoot the driver in the face, stunt jump back to your own car, then use your grappling rope to tether that car to another enemy car and blow both up using the C4 gets a plus in my books. Plus it has gun scorpions.

    I’m all for the movie if it doesn’t take itself too seriously. If you’re a bad-ass mercenary who has a grappling hook that can tie two objects together, what are you gonna do? Spend your time acting serious and saving the world? Or tying people to cars and explosive barrels? I’m hoping for a mix between Loaded Weapon and Transporter.


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