"Office Politics" Delaying BF2 Patch

A DICE associate producer, commenting over on the U.K. Electronic Arts forums, said the final version of Battlefield 2 v 1.50 is ready , except that "We have a little bit of office politics to sort out."

"Once that's cleared up, we'll be good to release it," he writes. "Unfortunately I can't tell you what the office politics decision is about but it is worth the slight extra delay."

He also said that the release will be preceded by a quick closed beta — but no open public beta — just to make sure the patch works.

BF2 Latest [EA UK Forums via Blue's News]


    Does it really matter!? who the hell plays BF2 anymore anyways? I think most of the community have moved on to something else, now if DICE could just sort out the pathetic job they did on voice comms in BF1943 for PS3 I might actually be playing one of their games.

    Alot of people play BF2. They even play Battlefield Vietnam. They're both great games with multiplayer that features more than just 12 people on each team. I can't wait for number 3.

    I didn't know anyone played this but i suppose they're making a patch for a reason. Always thought everyone had moved to 2142.

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