One-Inch Xbox Is, Yes, Slim

While the world waits impatiently for a PS3 Slim, this modder has gone ahead (well... backwards) and created an Xbox that's even slimmer.

The guy's name is Bandit5317, and his Xbox is one-inch wide, losing the clunky disc drive and replacing it with a 320GB HDD. It's like the Xbox of the past and the Xbox of the future, coming together in one slick little media centre server.

The Xbox Micro, the smallest one yet... [Xbox-Scene, via Gizmodo]


    so in other words it's not an xbox at all...

      It is...
      Xbox pirates generally put the game files on the HDD of the Xbox and load it directly from there.

        Not just pirates, a lot of people run homebrew apps like XBMC and turn it into media hub.

        Or people who don't want to deal with dicky cds

    Stupid question, but does it run like an xbox?

    Heavily moded to the point that it does not run like an Xbox, ie it uses homebrew to run ISOs.

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