Onyxia Gets A Makeover For WoW's Fifth Anniversary

Once the most-feared name in Azeroth, the Onyxia is making a comeback for World of Warcraft's fifth anniversary, transforming into a bigger and badder brood mother than ever before.

Once a level 60 40-man raid, Onyxia has become a bit of a joke over the years. Now that the level cap is 80, her head is showing up on giant pikes outside the capital cities four or five times a day. Hell, I've even turned her head in, and I am such a casual player that my mage wears khaki shorts. Patch 3.2.2 will change all of that, restoring the brood mother to her former glory in the form of a new 10-man model encounter and a 25-man heroic raid. Long-time players will be thrilled to know that the new Onyxia will drop equipment that looks the same as the loot from before, only with updated statistics to reflect the current level cap. On top of the revamped loot, there's a small chance that a 310 per cent speed flying mount will drop, modelled after Onyxia herself.

Further honouring our forgotten foe, players logging in during November's fifth anniversary celebrations will score a mini Onyxia whelpling pet of their very own. Let's just hope it doesn't take any deep breaths.

The Brood Mother Returns [World of Warcraft]


    This is how to do a "yay we're 5!" event. Of course as predicted, the mouthbreeding inbred population of the official WoW forums marked this announcement with cries of "oh noes, lore lol" "Sif not make new stuff lololblizzard" etc.

    I swear that forum gives you aids for just looking at it :/

    You forgot the 10 people in the game who haven't upgraded from Vanilla who are being 'deprived of content' Aaron.

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