Ozzy Tells Kotaku Of His Secret Video Game Addicition

During our post-BlizzCon interview with Ozzy Osbourne, the rock legend revealed that he had once been addicted to a video game. Help us figure out which game that was.

Ozzy is not exactly known for his clarity, so you'll have to forgive us if we cannot tell you exactly which game he was talking about being addicted to during Saturday night's interview. I'll go ahead and give you what he said, as best as I can make it out. Then you folks can help us fill in the blanks.

"The only one I ever played is that f—king (unintelligible) I got addicted to that instantly years ago was that f—king video game where the f—king guy jumps off the f—king cliff. Sort of this old (well, or whale?). I was playing all f—king night."

You can see where we might be confused. So far we've come up with several good suggestions. Owen suggested Jungle Hunt. Luke thought it might be World Games, with the cliff diving. Some of the members of the press I talked to after the interview thought it might be Super Mario Bros. or maybe even Lemmings.

I would have asked for clarification, but he then launched into a story about Sharon playing Tetris.

"Tetris - my wife got addicted to it. I remember lying in bed and saying, 'Shit. Are you playing that f—king game?' And she'd say, 'No.' And then I'd hear 'Bastard! F—king asshole!' And then the exploded one (exploding sound effect) in her f—king hands!"

That didn't help anything, did it? I sure hope her hands were okay.

So what are your thoughts? What cliff jumping video game was powerful enough to fell the prince of darkness? The f—king comments section is yours.


    It's Lemmings for sure. He references "jumping off the cliff" which is clearly a lemming. Lemmings are known for loving to jump off cliffs. For sure.

    Maybe Ozzy had a Msster System or Snes?

    Only thing I could think of is California Games 2.
    That had a hang gliding game in it.
    Every time you did it wrong you'd see the character fall off the cliff

    I reckon Mario bros. and ozzy just didnt find the bastard f-cking jump button

    California Games?

      No, wait, Summer Games!!

    Could be the start of Alex the Kidd. Built into the system, easy beginner game.

    Could be Nebulus I guess, it looks a bit like a well even though its actually a tower.


    I guess if you were high it might look even more like a well.

    God of War

    It's obviously the end of the first level of Battletoads.

    Maybe it was California Games, because of that
    'Sort of this old (well, or whale?)'..

    If you managed to make the cliff, but then plummeted down in to the sea, you'd get eaten by a Shark. Maybe he thought it was a whale at the time? lol

    The name actually escapes me and I never got around to getting it myself but around two years ago wasn't there a game released where you had to parachute to ground and you had to guide to a specific spot by controlling your decent.
    I seem to remember in a review that you got to do this with those body kites to.

    Maybe Ozzy means this game?.

    I really hope Ozzy reads this btw, because I want to say to him "thanks for the memories man, I still listen to your Music to this day, weekly. and yes I was at Myponga man. Rock it!!"

    I'm thinking Goldeneye. At the end of the first mission bond bungee jumps off the dam, but you don't see a rope.

      I'm with that... 'well' = dam

    First level of Alex Kidd?

    Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars
    if u want my opinion.
    i cant remember how far through but u had to jump off a cliff. but maby not it may be a bit too hard for Ozzy

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