Panzer Generals Is Back, Yo

In the turn-based strategy genre, two series (for me, anyways) reign supreme: Advance Wars, and Panzer General. So it's with great delight that I see today that Ubisoft will be bringing the latter back, this time on Xbox Live Arcade.

Delight quickly turns to concern, however, when you see what they're doing with it. See, rather than simply apply a new coat of paint to a timeless, near-perfect balance of Nazi-flavoured rock, paper scissors, Panzer General will return as... a board game. With card collecting.

Shame. This new game could still be fun, especially since it's being developed by Petroglyph (SW: Empire at War), but it's still disappointing to see one of my favourite games returning in a genre that's... not one of my favourite.


    I was excited till I read that board game shit :(

    Too much hatorade ITT!

    Card based XBLA sounds like a refreshing change to me, and I'll definitely be giving the demo a shot.

    Now where is my Advance Wars\Battalion Wars XBLA game in HD?

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